Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion?

Awesome and restful sleep is a beginning for good health and a fresh mind. Let’s set the stage for a good night’s sleep.

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion?

Digestion troubles can be very painful and disturbing, especially when you’re trying to go to sleep with heartburn, or even constipation. If you’re struggling with a regular pattern of indigestion, it is essential to prevent acid reflux or heartburn by adjusting your sleeping position.

Often, people end up going to bed after eating unusually large people, which can trigger indigestion and bloating. In this article, we will explore some sleeping positions that will help you promote digestion.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion

Sleep on the Left Side

Experts reveal that sleeping on the left side encourages better coordination between gravity and the digestive system, encouraging the body to help you digest the food. You see, the small intestine must send the wastes dispatched by the stomach towards the large intestine, which will then send the waste towards the colon. This will make sure that you experience a healthy bowel movement as soon as you wake up.

Elevating the Head

Whether you are sleeping on the left side or your back, it is crucial to keep your head elevated to promote digestion in bed. Several studies reveal that sleeping on the left side with your head elevates aids in reducing the symptoms of heartburn.

Basically, it causes the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which is the muscle ring responsible for regulating the stomach’s consumption of food present in the oesophagus, which remains higher than the levels of gastric acid.

If acid reflux occurs, the pull of gravity will suck the acid back towards the stomach. The idea is to keep the head in a neutral position, and you will need the support and comfort of a sturdy and plump pillow.

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion
Firm Side Sleeper Pillow from Fine Pillow

Pillow between the Knees

Sandwiching a pillow between your knees will help prevent the midsection from sinking deep into the bed, which will naturally lead to indigestion. Often, bending the knees when you sleep on the side can cause damage, such as spine misalignment or a strained neck. If you sandwich a pillow between the knees, it will keep your spine straight and neutral, without causing any discomfort.

Three-Hour Rule

Aside from your sleeping position, it is essential to practice the three-hour rule, which dictates that you must avoid eating a large meal three hours before going to bed. This should give your digestive system enough time to digest the food, eliminating the possibility of struggling with nausea or acid reflux as you try to fall into a peaceful slumber.

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion? 1

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion?

So, yes, sleep position can aid in digestion.

You may probably snack before bed and sleep just fine. However, If you are having problems with heartburn, indigestion, or sleep quality, then it’s worth holding on to these general guidelines: Make it a smaller snack (if you have to snack) or meal; skip foods that have too much fiber, fatty, spicy, or acidic. It’s a good idea to time it at least a couple of hours before you get into bed.

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Stay Away From The Clock

If you glance at your clock several times a night, turn it away from your view. Keep looking at your clock can make you think about negative thoughts, which can keep you awake.

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Drink No More

Alcohol is know to make you sleepy initially. However, after its initial effects goes away, it will make you wake up several time to drink water, and frequent travel to the restroom.

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion? 2

Right temperature

Keep the room temperature at your ideal settings. The recommended bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can Sleep Position Aid in Digestion? 3

Choose Cool Pillows

Pillows play a vital role in your sleep. A pillow that is made with cooling material is ideal. Not only that, a pillowcase that is 100% cotton is naturally cool and hypoallergenic.